Lyrics instead of poetry

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No Poetry
A blog especially for those who don't have English as their mother tongue and have English in their schools, and ofcouse have to arite essay in English. Now, this is basically an idea by my friend Anupam. We both used it in our board exams and with pure coincidence, we both started our essays on different topics but with same Lyrics.
To get good marks or to impress teacher you need to have some very good content or have to put down some lines from poetry. Now here's a very simple alternative.
Sometimes it's required to give the name of poet too, for that you just need to know the real name of singer, for example real name of AKON is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam (NO NEED TO WRITE THE FULL NAME).

Now don't waist your potential in learning some poetry of not your interest.


This post is republished, previously it was on, but as this post became irrelevant to the blog's niche, it was removed from there. But still this content holds something great to be sharing it again.

Losing It All, with some Gain

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Recently I made updates about our revenue going down. But I didn't cared a lot because I did maintained good number of visitors per month.

But now after the new updates of Panda, the Google Page Ranking algorithms. I lost my visitors count too. Still trying to figure out what exactly happened. I have no copied content, no black hat SEO. I use very genuine SEO techniques. 

If I put stress on anything regarding SEO, then it is only that I have a proper title, meta description and content. After that I put a little more stress on sharing the freshly created content to some selected social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and stumble upon, Pinterest if it has a good image.

But still, I am happy about finally reaching 500 likes on Facebook Fan Page.

My productivity did went low, because I am busy with college schedules, Studying PHP, MySQL and some Apache configurations, non of the three are prescribed in my college syllabus. But it is great fun. Working on a project too. Finally, I have a self coded web portal. Don't know when I will complete it all and put it online.

The day it all gets completed, I will have a new designation and possible a new company too. Hope my idea works.

Adsense earnings going down

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Well in the last couple of days I saw a steep decline in my Adsense earnings. It made me a bit worried cause traffic was a round double and revenue in halved. How's that possible?

I tried researching and found that the average CPC has declined heavily, causing this. I still wanted to learn more about this and in a Google group forum I found that due to Panda update, the premium advertisers are making a switch and moving away from Google Adword. Thus, there is a decline in premium CPC Adword customers and therefore, there is a steep decline in Adsense earning.


While searching for all this I found that this had hit a number of Adsense publishers. Well, I am still not on great heights but what about the publishers with extremely high traffic. If they won't get premium CPC ads, they will suffer a pitfall.

After checking my own account I feel the person was somehow, right. His assumptions made me feel a bit more worried. Well, still don't worry Google will put effort to recover.

If you are too suffering from this then all I will say is-

Adesnse Re-enabled

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I got my ad serving banned for the url of my tech blog. Felt very bad. But I just received a mail via Google Adsense team saying that ad serving has been re-enabled. Feeling a bit more happy as compared to how bad I felt some time ago. Now, I am back again.

Heartily thanks to Google Adsense team. The mail says that ad serving may take upto 48 hrs or more to get back on track. I'll be waiting to see them again.

Blogging Will still go on

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In my previous post I told, my worries about no ads being shown on my weblog. Falt like it will all be good the next day, jus like last time. But unfortunately problem still exist. I have put forward an appeal to Google Adsense team to reconsider by weblog if there is any violation then please let me know.

I choose to do BCA. So that I can blog better. But with no Adsense. Well even if Adsense won't show up. It still won't mark end to my blogging. I will still post articles and move to WordPress one day and go for an alternative way to earn. You cannot STOP ME!

What don't you hear me you won't be able to stop me ever. May be you can just delay my future schedules. That's all.

Ads and Facebook like box not showing

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I am worried. I don't know why but ad units are not coming up on my blog Sector Techno. I don't know what the reason is. I fear that Adense has stopped serving ads on my blog. To know more I searched for the probable reasons. I found that my Adsense dashboard shows that there were 9 ad impression today, and that too on just 5 page-views. In a sense, there must be 9 impressions on 5 page-views. That tells me that my ads are/were working. But again, the low number of page-views. Now, what does that mean. My tech blog is not being accessed. Well that is something not possible as I can access them. And if I can then everyone can.

Moreover, Facebook like box gadget is also not showing up. Why? I tried searching if anything was wrong with the coding of my Blogger template. But ah, negative. Nothing wrong. The entire coding looks well. I went through HTML recently so, there are no chances of anything that could go wrong with the html section. Also, minor mistakes won't get saved (in case of syntax, xml parser don't allows you to save if wrong).

I pray the next when I wake up I can track some earning as usual. That will help me walk out of my worries. Sometimes unclear browser cache or saved cookie may cause but I cleared them too. Still no response. My tech blog is here, check it and comment if in any case you are able to see any ads.

Also, if you have any technical advice then please help me out. Thanks for stopping by.

Android is on Sector Techno

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Now I have my hands on an Android smartphone. I am quite busy with Android and its application available. From now onwards Sector Techno will also include post on Android applications. In coming future on Android iOS too.
Feeling proud to announce this new launch. One post has been published in Android category so far. Having internet problems after the connectivity problem will be solved I'll be back on track with a number of posts in this category.
Mine is Samsung Ace Duos S6802 with Android 2.3.6